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We love geeking out at the latest gadgets and innovations. Who doesn't love the advancements that have come with the smartphone, not to mention what's to come with virtual reality and artificial intelligence. But tech isn't just machines. It affects society - how we live, how we consume information, how we interact with one another. We've been watching Facebook's role in Russia's meddling of the US elections. What does that mean for the wider world? What does it mean for us? It's something we've been thinking about a lot, especially when it comes to us.  

Center of the action : 212



There's a lot going on in the Turkish startup ecosystem. Last year, early stage and seed investments in Turkey shot up 102% to $103 million. That made it the leader in MENA. At the center of these deals - 212. Co-investing has always driven us. We're eager to do more. 

Quiz: Where are the top female CEOs outside the U.S. located?


It's no secret that being a female in the tech space is a challenge. It's doubly so if you're in Turkey. That's why we're thrilled to see Hande Cilingir among the top female CEOs outside the U.S. - working in predictive software solutions for retailers. Not so easy. But Hande makes it look like a piece of cake. 

All about Ai: Insider acquires engineering powerhouse Infinitesoft


Artificial intelligence is set to be a key component of all things tech. Insider has been at the forefront of the breakthroughs and pathways that AI has carved out. AI has been critical in Insider's predictive technology. To advance it further, Insider has acquired Infinitesoft, a Kyiv based engineering powerhouse. 

What did Turks buy on Valentine's Day? 



Move over France. Turkey is bursting with people who show love. On Valentine's Day Turks snapped up clothes and flowers for their honeys - and paid for it in full. Iyzico tracked the numbers. Of course, we bought our better halves all of the above. #Duh

Bullish on Mexico and Turkey 


Bloomberg released research on the best and worst performing emerging markets. Mexico and Turkey top the list. The study says that both countries have impressive growth and a healthy current accounts position. And things are cheap. That's right, buy up now people. We'd also like to point out that both countries border significantly larger economies - Mexico with the U.S.; Turkey with the E.U. That's no coincidence. The two countries come up a lot together, proving the theory that proximity is everything. (At least we think that's a theory.) 

MENA VC Association 


Among the areas that most emerging markets lag behind Silicon Valley, investing and venture capital. In January, investors in the MENA region came together to form the Middle East Venture Capital Association. (MEVCA). We're pumped. MEVCA will focus on best practices, enhance collaboration, and provide as a forum from which venture capital can strengthen and expand. Among the firms that make up MEVCA: BECO Capital, Wamda Capital, and the Jabbar Internet Group. We all win when the pie is bigger. 

The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail


There are lot of reasons startups fail. CB Insights has a list here of 20 main ones. Some aren't surprising: running out of money, legal challenges, failure to pivot. But, WTF? Not using your network? Lack of passion? If you're in the startup game, use every tool available to you - and that includes who you know. If you can't do that, well, you deserve to lose. 


Go big isn't always smart 


Creandum has taken a lot of bets on SME tech, which it says is "at an inflection point." The firm has spent a lot of time looking at the market potential for those businesses at the small and medium range. And the potential is huge. Go big shouldn't always be the go-to strategy. 

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