Jul'18 The World Cup Edition  

The World Cup is here! We love this event. And not only because it’s football. Yeah, sure the Olympics is supposed to be the nations of the world competing against one another. But is it really? The strong dominate, the weak lose. What we’re seeing in Russia is nothing less than excellence on display. Mexico beat Germany. France beat Argentina. Italy didn’t even make it into the game. Morocco, Senegal, Panama, and Costa Rica did. Croatia is turning out to be a star. Given an even playing field, everyone has a shot. It’s a lot like entrepreneurship. (C’mon you didn’t think we’d go without a reference to our favorite topic, did you?)

Turkish e-commerce in China


Quick: What’s the largest e-commerce company in the world? Not Amazon. It’s Alibaba. And they’ve just invested in Turkish e-commerce company Trendyol. That means that Turkish fashion has a new audience in China, the most populated country in the world. Nice.

Go East young startup


Istanbul’s FinTech company, Iyzico is expanding into 12 countries, mainly in Eastern Europe. Helping startups, businesses, and individuals with payment solutions, Iyzico has succeeded in Turkey. Now, the demand is in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, and Hungary.

Hotel Runner: The App


Who says that you can’t work in the tourism industry and be a tourist? Hotel Runner’s app lets those who are in charge of hotels, bookings, and managing property do it from their phones. Cool.

Microsoft invests in Turkey


Microsoft, the American software giant, set up its operations in Turkey in 1993. Today, it’s planning to form a billion-dollar Turkish software company. #FTW

Euronext: Let’s IPO


It’s a company’s dream to IPO. For a tech one, the goal is to list on NASDAQ. Euronext, which spans European capitals, is working to become an IPO hub. It’s where Adyen, the Amsterdam-based payments company listed one of the largest IPOs in Europe, with a market cap of €13.4 billion. Euronext is pulling out the red carpet for more. Watch this space.

Netflix: Obama; Apple: Oprah


Netflix may have signed on the Obamas, but Apple has signed the Queen. That is, Oprah. Oprah Winfrey is to produce programs for the tech giant’s upcoming video streaming service. Will there be giveaways? We hope so.

On that IPO….


And speaking about that Ayden IPO. The Dutch PayPal rival priced shares at €240. Shares opened at €400 – a 66 percent rise. That’s how you IPO friends.


Who would have known that an electric scooter company would be the next big thing? Travis Vander Zanden, that’s who. He was an executive at both Uber and Lyft (yes, there was controversy). He founded Bird, which is raising about $100 million on a $300 million valuation. Is this just a fad? Probably not. Uber, Lyft, and now Bird are onto a big market opportunity: urban mobility. Getting around any city is important. (Especially if you’re reading this in Istanbul traffic.) Just to prove our hypothesis – check out this piece on Lime.

After Hours


It's the WORLD CUP people. 



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