May'18 May: Spring! Break out the reports  

The flowers are blooming. The trees are turning green. And the reports are flying off the presses. This month, we’re diving into reports! We’re deep into the ones that Tech EU and MENAbytes put out – chock full of good data on the state of startups and investments in Europe and MENA, respectively. AND WE ARE EXCITED. Summer is a good time to recharge – but also get perspective. There is no rest for anyone in the startup world. It’s good to keep thinking about how to push forward – and actually get there. We are eager to adopt a new hobby though. We’re thinking gardening. See more in After Hours.

In e-commerce, predictive analytics is key


E-commerce doesn’t always equal rapid growth. The technology you use does. Solvoyo’s case study dives into why that its. It involves complexity. No business is simply product to customer. It involves supply chains, operations, and the market. All of those various parts need coordination and communication. Read on for more.

Summer’s a-coming – get your property ready


It’s May people! Break out the sun screen and beach towel. For those of you renting your properties, break out the checklist to get your place ready to receive guests. Hotel Runner has a smart guide for you. Get it here.

Seedstars sprouts in Cairo


The Swiss-based Seedstars is launching its first hub in Cairo, Egypt. It will serve as a hub for the MENA region. Here’s why this is big: it confirms that there is something real on the ground in Cairo and the surrounding region. Life may not be easy in this region, but it still goes on – and there are a lot of entrepreneurs and investors that are committed to making the most of it.

Samsung and Uniqlo are doing it


Tech in Asia profiles Insider. The Turkish-led, Singapore based company has nabbed customers such as Samsung and Uniqulo with its “predictive marketing solution.” That is, understanding customers. Insider isn’t just software – it uses artificial intelligence to and machine learning. We love it.

Europe’s tech scene: 57 unicorns €25 billion


Tech EU has put out a report on Europe’s tech scene. Equity funding reached €25 billion in 2017. Europe counted 57 unicorns. The report looks at the pros and cons of the different languages and regulations of the 40 or so countries that make up “Europe.” Get it here.

Meanwhile in MENA… $35 million raised


MENAbytes put out its quarterly report on investing in the region. Among the highlights: 42 deals in 8 countries in the region, totaling $35.44 million in investments. UAE startups continued to dominate, securing $31.36 million. Read more here.

Think big: Large companies are the drivers of innovation

If you think innovation comes from small startups, think again. That’s what our friend Ussal Sahbaz says. In a blog post, he notes that particularly in emerging markets, it’s the large companies that drive innovation.

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